Ebony Classes and Workshops

Do you want to learn to play steelpan or have a try ?


We have the following regular classes

Under 16s  Thursdays 6-8pm

Over 16s Tuesdays 6-8pm

New classes and workshops are planned


Just ring  0207 702 1418 for more details 



  Interested in a steelband workshop for your organisation ?


Steelband interactive workshops are a great way for schools, colleges and universities to teach young people about group music making through actually playing a steel procession instrument (the steelpan). The steelpan is a perfect instrument, as the basic skills are easy to learn and playing the instrument does not require any previous musical experience. It is possible for a group with any level of musical experience to accomplish a simple melody within a short period of time.

Steelband interactive workshops can also be incorporated into organisational team building activities. Contact us for more details.